Month: June 2015

Monday Minute “Discouraging Dreams”

Good morning! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! As you know from many past Monday Minutes, I like to center my writings around goals and dreams. I know that is because my entire life there hasn’t been a day that I have woken up and not thought about my personal goals and dreams and […]

Monday Minute “Who Are You Accountable To?”

Good Morning! It’s officially summer! I hope everyone kicked it off and had a great weekend! Wednesday of last week, it was almost 10pm, and I had to get up at 5am to start training clients. The day was filled with obstacles to just take the day off, but despite those lingering thoughts, I was […]

Monday Minute “What A Workout Really Is”

Hey Everyone! I hope your weekend was great! It’s really starting to feel like summer! We spent the weekend filming some bow fishing action up in the north east corner of the state, shot a lot of fish and scored a pretty good sun burn! A few weeks ago I had a buddy of mine […]

Monday Minute “Celebrate Your Abilities”

Happy Monday!! Last week I touched on my encounter I had with Bryce, a handicapped archery hunter with a passion for life. He changed my mindset, and to helped me realize never to complain about a workout, more importantly never to complain about having the ability to workout. Think about that…the ability to workout. I […]

Monday Minute “A Man Named Bryce”

Good Morning! Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you hate it when you are taken advantage of? Think back to a time when it has happened to you, it can be a hurtful thing. Now stop and think if you have ever taken advantage of someone, well unfortunately we all have at […]