The Program

The Program

Every hunter knows the biggest battle in the outdoors starts inside. You must get in the mind of the game you hunt and also get your mind in the game. But it’s not just your mind, but also your body you need to equip for the hunt and for the game of life.

Gearing up for the hunt means you take proper care of your gear to get the best outcome, but you also need to prepare yourself for maximum performance.

Run2Gun gets the greatest gear you own, your body and your mind, ready to face the elements. Your body is your most precious gear!

It starts with knowing you need to bring YOUR best to the field. So set your sights on your goal. It may be increasing your strength to better carry your pack or steadying your shot and gaining stamina to carry your animal after the kill. Gaining power, endurance and energy prepares you for the hunt. Because you’re not just a hunter, you’re an athlete, and this isn’t just hunting, it’s a way of life.

This way of life also means while the majesty of the outdoors may take your breath away, you don’t want to stop to catch your breath from fatigue or exhaustion. Breathe too hard, and it could be hard to take an ethical shot.

Overcoming obstacles on the hunt requires agility to get over environmental hurdles using balance, coordination and mobility to maneuver through the worst Mother Nature throws your way.

Strength, stamina and staying sharp keep you ahead on the hunt, you keep your head in the game by training and being fully equipped for success with proper nutrition. Eating the right foods at the right time will help you power through your workouts, just like packing the proper foods for your hunt will keep you strong in the field.

While you may be focused on the hunt, the real game you want to conquer is life, and with a healthier lifestyle you can compete against yourself and any elements of the outdoors in all seasons.

Our Mission

Empowering others to live a life beyond the linear confines of average.

Run2Gun, LLC provides premier hunting athletic preparation. Through strength, endurance, and mobility we build a training regimen specifically to strengthen your weaknesses and prevent injury. Prioritizing the fact that harvesting your trophy is just part of the hunt, we focus on the journey that gets you there, ensuring all your memories to be positive ones. You will soon learn boundaries lie only in the mind and no matter your age, there is an athlete in each of us.

Why Choose Run2Gun?

  • Your program is designed JUST for YOU
  • You talk directly to Jordan ‐an educated, experienced professional
  • We hold you accountable, EVERYDAY
  • We are accessible to you 24/7
  • Training/Nutrition realistic to your goals

The Packages

Special Package Details

Don’t have 12 weeks?

Don’t Panic‐This package is for when you find yourself in a “panic” weeks before a hunt you know you’re not physically or mentally prepared for. It’s not too late to get in some last minute preparation and we will help you day by day to get you ready in those final valuable days.

Through a personal consultation, Jordan will work with you to create a package to fulfill your goals.