Month: September 2015

Monday Minute “Execute”

Happy Monday!! I want to get right into it this week, in the past I know I have preached a lot about goal setting and chasing your dreams! But have you actually taken steps forward to accomplishing those goals? If not it’s time to Execute! The fact of the matter is there will times in […]

Monday Minute “What We Think Makes Us Happy”

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend and have this week all planned out for how you are going to accomplish your goals, because the more we accomplish the happier we will be right? Well maybe part of the time, here are my thoughts: In my profession I am lucky enough to […]

Monday Minute “Inspire Yourself”

Happy Monday! There are many different views on inspiration, many people believe all inspiration is intrinsic, that you either have it within you or you don’t, while others believe you can look elsewhere to be inspired, or that other people or things can inspire us. I believe in both, here is why: I believe that […]

Monday Minute “Your Side Of The Storm”

Good morning! I was doing some traveling this weekend and got to drive through a small thunderstorm. The timing was interesting because it was right as the sun was rising and I was driving west. The light from the sun was reflecting beautiful colors of orange and gold onto the landscape and clouds. That mixed […]