Month: February 2017

Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/22/17

Hey everyone!! Who doesn’t love a GREAT chest workout?!?  Well we have one for you! THE WORKOUT Warm Up (see here) -Flat DB chest press-5 sets of 3 reps -2 sets of 2 reps -Flat barbell bench press-5 sets of 4-6 reps *compound set-high cable fly’s 5 sets of 10 reps Mobility between sets-(standing T […]

Run2Gun Recipe’s Vol.2-Elk Steaks & Vegetable Fried Rice

Here is another GREAT recipe for you to enjoy!  Of course we used the wild game we harvest during the season, but if you don’t have elk, deer or other venison, you can still substitute with grade A beef steaks! THE RECIPE! -4 steaks marinated in 1 TB sesame oil & 2 TB teriyaki sauce […]

Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/15/17

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week’s workout took place at the GreatLIFE at the Dakota Wesleyan campus!  We filmed it this fall during season4 of Run2GunTV!  It’s a solid full body workout that includes a little olympic lifting!  Check it out! Dynamic Warm Up-(see here) Done in a circuit-Done for time. -3 Power Cleans -5 standing DB […]

Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/8/17

Hey everyone!! Here is a fast paced workout for you to try, this was a workout Austin and I did preparing for season 4 hunts!  This workout also aired on episode1 of season4!!  Here are the reps and sets! give it a try! Dynamic Warm up-(see here for example) Routine in a circuit: -Squat to […]

Roasted Red Pepper Venison Burgers!

We were lucky enough to showcase an elk recipe on KDLT news for the second time recently! Spreading our love for eating wild game, the healthy benefits and its’ awesomeness!! Here is a GREAT recipe for you to try yourself!  You can also view the news cast below!  Let us know what you think!! Roasted […]