Month: November 2013

4 Ways to Train for Your Next Hunt-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Training for EACH and EVERY hunt, no matter the level of difficulty, is the way you need to approach you hunting seasons.  This approach will keep you from falling off the “cliff” post hunt.  Once you have finished your hunt, your training needs to carry on and adjust to your NEXT hunt. Our hunting season kicked off in […]

Flexibility Training With Sturm, Ruger & Co.-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Stretching can and WILL increase your athleticism!  The thing is, there are more ways to stretch than just your “touch your tows for a count of 10” stretch.  In fact that are a number of ways to stretch including, static, dynamic, and ballistic to name a few.  Each serve a purpose at specific times before […]