Flexibility Training With Sturm, Ruger & Co.-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Stretching can and WILL increase your athleticism!  The thing is, there are more ways to stretch than just your “touch your tows for a count of 10” stretch.  In fact that are a number of ways to stretch including, static, dynamic, and ballistic to name a few.  Each serve a purpose at specific times before and after your workouts!

Dynamic Stretching: is the BEST way to warm up for a workout to prevent injury and be able to train at a full range of motion.

Static Stretching: is a great way to “cool down” the muscles post workout.  You will keep the muscles long and help prevent excessive soreness.

Check out a couple examples of these two types of stretching in the “Hunter Fitness” video series with Run2Gun and Ruger


Run2Gun Flexibility Training with Strum, Ruger & Co. from Run2Gun on Vimeo.

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