Month: October 2015

Monday Minute “Wear & Tear of Negativity”

Good Morning! It can be a challenging road chasing your dreams, the energy you will spend on a daily basis finding motivation to keep moving forward will require a positive energy that is beyond most people. You will have no room for negativity if you have high expectations for yourself. A major move you will […]

Monday Minute “Priorities”

Happy Monday everyone! What is important in your life? How we prioritize our daily life can be very ironic, as I talk with people about what is important in their life, most of the time the same things they talk about aren’t prioritized in their daily routine to improve upon. I am guilty of this […]

Monday Minute “Keep Aiming Up!”

Good morning everyone! This weekend marks a day that is rich in South Dakota tradition, the opening weekend of the ringneck pheasant! Those of us who live in South Dakota, hunters or non-hunters feel the impact of this week either through the fellowship with friends or family, or simply through the economic spike in brings […]

Monday Minute “Memories”

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I have to say mine was very memorable. I was out in the Black Hills of South Dakota for most of the week pursuing bull elk. A tag I have been applying for since I was 13 years old. It surly has been a dream […]