Month: May 2015

Monday Minute “Set A Standard”

Good Morning everyone! It’s Memorial Day! A day we should all be grateful for and thankful for. Soldiers all across the country have sacrificed for us, for their families, and for our country, they have set a standard to commitment… That is what I want to talk about this morning, Setting a standard in your […]

Monday Minute-“Driving Factors”

Good morning all! This week I want to talk about¬†Driving Factors in our lives. ¬†I talk about goals and dreams daily to my clients, friends and family, and weekly here on the Monday minute blog and emails. Why do we have these great goals and dreams and what motivates us to work for them? What […]

Monday Minute-“Sitting On The Fence”

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and wonderful Mother’s Day! I got in a good conversation this week with a client about true commitment. We discussed the importance of chasing greatness and what it truly takes to accomplish it. Truly you have two choices, to be all in, or…you guessed […]

Monday Minute-“It’s Easy To Make $$$”

Happy first week of May! How have you been? I hope you woke up this morning excited about your week and what you are going to accomplish. I know Mondays can often bring about that typical feeling of “I hate Mondays” or “just another day, another dollar.” Really it’s just another day right? Another day […]