Month: December 2015

Monday Minute “You’re Not Tired Yet”

Good morning everyone! Monday morning! Big list of things to accomplish this week, but you still may be tired from last week, and the week before…. That’s ok!! you’re really not tired yet… you may think you are, but you can always be “more tired.” About 3 1/2 years ago I was in the middle […]

Monday Minute “Fog”

Good morning all! I have been out the past couple days in search of mule deer in western South Dakota.  The weather has been less than desirable.  We have been dealing with thick fog that inhibits you from glassing to even spot a deer. The fog really got me thinking.  It was keeping me from […]

Monday Minute “Share Positivity”

Good Morning! We all have the joys of scrolling through our social media daily, and I think we would all agree how it can be draining at times. It’s kind of like watching national news networks right? It seems as though there are more negative posts and stories than positive. I just had a conversation […]

Monday Minute “Have You Stopped Living?”

Good morning! This week my wife and I were talking and she told me this awesome story about this lady she had met from a past job. This lady was 80 years old, and newly engaged. The older lady had told my wife that she wasn’t necessarily out looking for a husband, but she just […]