Month: April 2015

Monday Minute-“Train To Be A Champion”

Good morning everyone! There is a term my friend Austin and I use quite often during our training sessions that motivates us, it’s “Train to be a champion” This past week during a tough workout I thought to myself, “Train like a champion.” and it instantly made me stop and starting thinking. Training “like a […]

Monday Minute-“Everything To Lose”

Good morning all! This week I want to quickly talk about our mind sets. here is my example: For the past couple of years I have set a mantra for myself, last year it was “Enjoy the process, love the journey.” It initially was to help get me through the filming season of the show, […]

Monday Minute-“Monotony”

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! I was in the gym last week working out when I had a good friend of mine approach me, you could tell he wasn’t his normal self that day. We chatted for a bit and he started to get to the bottom of why he was feeling down. He told me […]

Run2GunTV Season2: Grace, Grit & Greatness

Run2GunTV Season2 just wrapped up on Midcontinent Sports Network and is now available in entirety on But before an entire 13 episode season could happen, a lot had to happen, to make it happen… A YEAR IN REVIEW 4 Emmy nominations closed season one back in May of 2014, after not taking home any […]