Monday Minute-“Monotony”

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday!

I was in the gym last week working out when I had a good friend of mine approach me, you could tell he wasn’t his normal self that day. We chatted for a bit and he started to get to the bottom of why he was feeling down. He told me he just felt like he was doing the same thing everyday, that his life felt monotonous. We talked deeper into why he felt that way. In order to provide for his family it was, get up, get kids to school, gym, work, go home , get kids to bed, repeat. Hard to break the cycle. This was a tough one for me, and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

There are going to be times when we feel trapped and Monotony in our life sets in, here are a couple things to think about that may change your attitude:

1. Attitude: Your decision to have a positive attitude, is on you. I know days, weeks, and months can get long and often discouraging, but when you wake up in the morning you have the power to make the CHOICE to have the right attitude for the day and make a change…

2. Make a change: Hard right? You are trapped within the stereotypical world of paying bills, working, and home life. We have all been there. What can you change? and how can you change it? Maybe the change is small, maybe it’s bigger. The key point to this change is it needs to be a positive, uplifting and motivating factor in your life. Start reading, start writing, go workout. Those might be some of the smaller changes. Maybe you need to start your own business, go to church, reconnect with your family, those might be some of the bigger ones. Either way, big or small, you have the choice, you have the power to break the Monotony in your life. Don’t ever think you can’t make a change.

Go try something new this week!! My something new was a tough track workout with sprints, tires flips and fence jumps yesterday that I have never done before, woke up motivated this morning!


Have an awesome week everyone!


Jordan Miller

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