Run2GunTV Season2: Grace, Grit & Greatness

Run2GunTV Season2 just wrapped up on Midcontinent Sports Network and is now available in entirety on But before an entire 13 episode season could happen, a lot had to happen, to make it happen…


4 Emmy nominations closed season one back in May of 2014, after not taking home any awards I was driven to start taking Run2Gun in the direction I truly wanted.  We started this in the summer months by traveling a couple thousand miles across North and South Dakota with Mud Mile Communications and our new field producer Matthew Miller shooting a new open to season2 as well as a series of promotional videos and a countdown series (that has already won a gold ADDY award). We went out with the mind set to “Enjoy the Process, Love the Journey.” It has made a world of difference in our day to day attitudes and energy to produce a higher quality television show that replicates none.


We made the additions of two co-hosts, Austin Kjergaard-Professional Body Builder and Matt McCranie-Outdoorsmen extraordinaire(cameoed in season1) to the team.  Austin added an honest and intense dimension to our off-season workouts that were displayed in many of the episodes.  Season1 workouts were taken in a route of educational, where as season2 we decided to take the route of showing our true off-season and in-season training. What we go through, the pain we go through, and the enjoyment of training we go through. We strived to inspire our viewers to escape the confines of average and work for Greatness.  Matt brought his knowledge of hunting, just about everything, to the table. His passion for the outdoors and yearning for adventure gave the season a spark it needed.  Matt’s comic relief also balances out the stresses of producing a TV show.

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We started filming our first show in May, we ordered a new camera for our new field producerMatthew.  The camera came in the mail the night before we left for Nebraska to film Hornady’s  Zombie in the Heartland 3-gun shoot.  Lets just say the rest has been history for Matthew.  His natural ability behind the lens has taken Run2Gun to a new level.  Improvements and creativity kept happening throughout the year and he is excited to bring great footage in 2016’s season3.

The rest of the season was a blur from balancing hunting back and forth in every corner of the state of South Dakota, training, working a full time job, oh yeah my wife and I had our first baby on November 6th!  Evalyn Mae, the newest member of Team Run2Gun!  We bow fished, ice fished, pheasant hunted with Senator John Thune, chased whitetail and mule deer in new areas we have never set foot on, filled our hands and knees with cactus on an endless pursuit with “Mr. Twister” a giant non-typical antelope, and finally finished our season with a trek down to New Mexico to hunt desert mule deer with our bows.  The season was defined by one word, Grit. Fatigue set in, but we continued to enjoy the process, and love our journey!

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.36.27 AMMe:Matt

We dropped terabyte upon terabyte of footage and spent many hours editing down footage for our producer Nate Burdine.  He took our stories and made them blossom. Throughout the season he kept our dreams and goals in line, like a coach, directing from the sideline, Nate brought our season full circle.

Me:Matt:Carp Me:Matthew:NM

A giant change in the season that was a total of 60 seconds of every show was our “CREEDS”  the first minute of each show.  This was originally an idea I wanted to be called an inspirational segment, narrated by myself.  The idea was there, but the direction wasn’t.  Jolene Loetscher of Mud Mile took the idea and turned it into beauty.  Each episode encompassed a theme that revolved around the “Enjoy the Process, Love the Journey” mantra.  Jolene took each theme, and connected emotionally with the viewers through her words, Nate tied in Matthews footage to the writings and we created “The Creed.”  We feel this truly set us apart from any show out there and we will continue to bring this connection to our viewers next season.

The season took revamping, planning and execution.  Then it took trashing, revamping, re-planning and more execution over and over again to create a show, a story, that we could truly be proud of.  We have taken steps forward with the goal of this show, but only through God’s Grace.  At the time we started this journey it seemed impossible and impassable. Looking back, there is now a grand design that has connected an array of dots for us that we could have never planned. The line is far from straight, it looks more like a scatter plot that a child has drawn a line from dot to dot, but that’s our path, that’s our challenge, that will continue to grow who we are.  We are Run2Gun, The first, the original.


Jordan Miller


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