Monday Minute “Your Side Of The Storm”

Good morning!

I was doing some traveling this weekend and got to drive through a small thunderstorm. The timing was interesting because it was right as the sun was rising and I was driving west. The light from the sun was reflecting beautiful colors of orange and gold onto the landscape and clouds. That mixed with the lighting was a pretty outstanding site. I continued to drive west through the storm, as I passed through and looked back east, it was ugly, there was no color,no light reflecting onto the South Dakota landscape, just grey. a boring ugly grey.

It got me thinking that our perspective on life’s situations can be that way. Your attitude can determine weather what you are going through can be beautiful or just ugly. You see, it’s all up to you, you can decide your perspective on any situation, good or bad. You can decide your side of the storm. Anything in life can be beautiful or ugly, it all depends on where you are standing, and you have the choice where to walk.

Have an amazing week! If there is anything you need don’t hesitate to reach out!



Psalms 107:29
He made the storm still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.

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