Monday Minute “A Man Named Bryce”

Good Morning!

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you hate it when you are taken advantage of? Think back to a time when it has happened to you, it can be a hurtful thing. Now stop and think if you have ever taken advantage of someone, well unfortunately we all have at some point….Now stop and think, do you take advantage of anything on a daily basis? Chances are you do, here’s my story:

Almost two years ago this week I was sitting in the gym, I had a break between clients, and needed to get a tough leg workout in. It had been a long several weeks of working long hours, training hard for the upcoming season, and a long list of other things. I was sitting around, moping, half-a**ing my workout. I was whining negative thoughts in my head, I was being pathetic. As I sat down on the leg extension machine I saw out the window of the gym an older Ford Explorer pull up in the handicap parking spot. A man pulled himself out reached around and grabbed on to the truck above the doors and pull himself to the back of his rig, worked himself to the back door, popped it open, and pulled out a wheelchair. He sat down in it and started wheeling his way down the side walk into the gym, I noticed he was wearing a Bear Archery hoody, instantly I felt something within me change.

I watched this man start killing it in the gym, no excuses, was just getting after it with the best of his abilities. Finally I approached him and told him I loved his hoody and how my dad introduced me to archery with a Bear bow years back. He told me about how he was an avid archer and was working on getting into better shape. I learned his name was Bryce and after he left I got back after my workout. On that day I promised myself I would never complain about killing a hard leg day, or taking advantage of my abilities. Bryce helped straighten my thought process that day. He as an example made me a better person through a choice I made in that moment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.43.21 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.46.09 PM

(The pictures are from a workout I call the “Grit Don’t Quit” workout. It is one of the hardest leg day training routines I have ever done. You can watch clips from this workout in Season2 Episode 11 & 12 at

I haven’t seen Bryce in almost 2 years, I hope our paths cross again someday so I can thank him.

Think about this story a little bit this week, and what It really means…We will continue the meaning on next weeks Monday Minute

Have an awesome week!


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