Monday Minute “Who Are You Accountable To?”

Good Morning!

It’s officially summer! I hope everyone kicked it off and had a great weekend!

Wednesday of last week, it was almost 10pm, and I had to get up at 5am to start training clients. The day was filled with obstacles to just take the day off, but despite those lingering thoughts, I was able to make the right decision and get in my training. During the session I thought to myself, “How was this so easy when I was in high school/college?” Training as hard as possible was the ONLY option, and NEVER taking one drill off or giving a set of squats half energy. It was 110% all the time!

Don’t get me wrong, I still try and do everything with 110%, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult to want to slack a little bit or to hide from the pain of your last set of squats from time to time. It really got me thinking about why it was so easy then, and more difficult now. Who am I accountable to? No one is watching, I could easily not push myself.

In High School and College I had a coach I was accountable to, I had a team I was accountable to. It was vital to our success to always push yourself as hard as possible. My mistake Wednesday night was thinking I was an Individual to my efforts. Thinking I was only doing that workout for me and my success. It was the wrong mindset, I am accountable to more than that. Now it is vital to my success to push myself as hard as possible for my faith, my family, and those searching for inspiration. I still have a team that needs me to give 110% and so do YOU! Trust me, you do!

This week remember who you are accountable to. It must start with your decision to take control of your actions and give 110%.

Have a great week!


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