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“I have known Jordan for a couple years now while a member of a couple different fitness gyms he has been employed at. At first, I didn’t know Jordan that well as my mentality at the gym was usually earplugs in and go hard, as I had many other daily tasks to accomplish. Due to time restraints from a busy personal schedule made me lose sight of my fitness goals. While still able to make it the gym several times a week, these workouts turned into going through the motions as I let my goals slide due to focus elsewhere.

I decided I needed a change, largely with my nutrition, as well as being stuck in a rut in my workouts. I had always heard great things about Jordan’s personal training skills of workouts and nutrition. Because of his reputation, word-of-mouth advice, and seeing his accomplishments with others, I reached out to Jordan to help get me back on track to refocus and motivate myself.

My first task with Jordan was to determine my goals, which made we really focus and examine what I wanted to do. My main goals were really to learn how to eat healthier and lean up. I always considered myself a healthy eater, but wanted his advice, as at the time I didn’t understand how to best approach nutrition each day. This included where my daily intake should be, which foods were the best sources of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and best times of the day to eat certain foods.

After an initial body scan and Jordan evaluating my goals, he was able to provide a daily intake plan that tabled out recommended foods and which times of the day to eat. Prior, one of my biggest challenges was time forced me to eat whenever I found an open window. I worked with Jordan on a 12-week nutrition plan. This was huge for me to start to learn how to understand this type of information. Along with the intake tracking, we also tracked waist measurements. Each week I would share my daily intake numbers and Jordan would review and recommend best practices moving forward.

Along with the nutrition plan, I also wanted to change up my workouts. Again, I communicated my goals to Jordan and he provided a personalized plan for me of daily and weekly workouts. As part of this, and one of my main goals, was to lean up without losing muscle mass and size. Jordan was able to provide a plan incorporating cardio, but only to the point needed to not overdo it and start losing muscle because of losing too much weight too fast.

Through some hard work and refocusing on my end, and Jordan’s guidance, expertise, and support, I completed my 12-week nutrition and 4-week workout plan. Through his plan I was able to lean up and not lose any muscle mass. In the 12-weeks plan, I lost over 15 pounds of straight body fat mass and NO muscle mass. My body fat percentage dropped six percent. It was the gradual loss that make it tricky and frustrating at times.


After seeing the results, I was motivated and wanted to keep going. With the help of Jordan, I stuck with his recommendations and stayed on the nutrient plan for over one year now. Over the 52 weeks, I have lost over 35 pounds, and nearly 30 pounds of straight body fat mass. My body fat percentage has dropped over 10 percent, in half from where I started, and I now am in the 10 percent range pushing single digits. I also lost nearly seven inches off my waistline.

I learned a lot throughout this process, largely because of Jordan’s knowledge and leadership. Parts of the process were frustrating as I didn’t see the results I wanted right away, but it is a process and I stayed positive and stuck with it. Jordan was able to make adjustments and shuffle around eating patterns around my ever-changing schedule, and that made a huge difference for me. He was also willing to do a couple workouts together. I have recently gone back to Jordan for additional advice and workout plans as well.

Jordan was really able to personalize a plan for me. He was dedicated and committed to me as long as I was dedicated and honest to myself and my goals. He sticks with you throughout the process, wants to see you succeed with your goals, always checks in with how you feeling ands doing, available to your needs, is always available for questions, and genuinely cares about each person he helps.”

-Steve Schreiber

Some stats:

Week 1

Weight: 215.4

PBF: 21.3 %

Body Fat Mass: 45.9 lbs

Week 12

Weight: 198.9

PBF: 15.4 %

Body Fat Mass: 30.6 lbs

Week 52

Weight: 179.8

PBF: 10.6 %

Body Fat Mass: 19.0 lbs

Amazing Steve!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey and help you reach your goals! It was amazing helping you with a 12 week program and watching you take what you learned beyond a year’s journey!

Measurements were taken using an InBody at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Sioux Falls 

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