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No matter your age, strength training will make a difference not only in the success in your next hunt or outdoor adventure, but also in your overall health.

Adding strength training to your everyday lifestyle, especially as we grow older, has shown to help prevent as well as reduce signs and symptoms of many chronic diseases.  Reduces body fat, builds muscle, and increases strength.  Just to name a few.  It has also been shown to help with emotion, AND MENTAL HEALTH.  I am a pure believer in the human mind, and what is is capable of.  If you aren’t challenging your mind as well as your body, YOU. WILL.  LOSE.  Your mind will give up 100 times before your body will if you are mentally weak.  On the other hand, if you start prepping your mind to accomplish more than what you originally believed you could, you will be astonished by your own capabilities!


When you start your strength training regimen, start at weights that will challenge your muscle WHILE KEEPING PROPER FORM! Your strength will increase as you continue your program resulting in heavier weights.  Remember, its not always about being 4% body fat, or in marathon shape, it’s about being a BETTER HUNTER or BETTER OUTDOORS PERSON!

Here is segment 1 of strength training that Run2Gun teamed up with Sturm, Ruger and Co. to help bring awareness to the importance of strength training!

Strength Training-1 With Run2Gun and Sturm Ruger & Co. from Run2Gun on Vimeo.

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