Monday Minute “The Steps In Between”

Good morning everyone!

This weekend my wife and I were sitting out on our deck talking about a business idea, we were throwing ideas around and went from the main idea to the best possible outcome of the idea. We laughed pretty hard about how we both come up with these ideas and dream about how great they could be. That’s when when we started talking about what we had to do at the beginning with idea number 1 and break down what we would have to do daily, weekly, monthly to achieve the ultimate goal of this idea.

You see it’s The Steps In between your starting point and your end goal that will determine your end result. That’s with anything in life. Do you have a daily list of goals to accomplish that will take you steps closer to your dream? Or do you get to the end of your week over and over again and are putting your “dream” off. Quit putting off your dreams, stop thinking you are too busy, and just do it!

Today take a simple piece of paper and make a list of important tasks you need to achieve today that will help you win your weekly goal, do this everyday, take the steps in between that no one ever see’s, but without them, you will never see your ultimate goal!

Have an awesome week everyone!


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