MONDAY MINUTE “Routine Or Rut?”

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all taking this Monday morning to get started on your week in a positive manner. Get started on your routines early in the week!

Routines are great to keep us accountable was well as productive, but that doesn’t mean that same routine isn’t putting us or keeping us in a rut. Simply stated, some routines aren’t helping us grow. So here are a few things to make sure your routine has, so you won’t get in a rut!

1. Does your routine challenge you? This one is key for me, I’ve learned over the years that if i’m not continually challenged, I get content with what I’m doing and fall into a rut. Find things daily that challenge your thinking, challenge you physically, and challenge you to grow.

2. Does your routine involve giving? If you aren’t doing things daily that involve you “giving.” you will fall into a rut. Giving forces you, individually, to grow. There are endless ways to give, and it isn’t always money. One of the BEST ways to give, is to give your time.

3. Does your routine involve dreaming? Yes, do you actually take time each and everyday day thinking about you dreams? If you don’t, WHY? If they are your dreams, they are obviously important to you. Take time everyday to dream! Plan backwards from there on how you can work on tasks daily to achieve them!

Often times we feel safe within our routines, feeling safe doesn’t mean we are happy. Safe routines lead to endless ruts that suck the life out of us. This week, think about the 3 points above!


Jordan Miller

Danielle 6:10
And Daniel prayed three times a day, and not even the threat of death made him change his routine.


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