Monday Minute “Pr-ACT-ice Like A Champion”

Good morning!

Last Saturday I was granted an awesome opportunity, the reigning back to back State Football champions, Lincoln Patriots were doing a team builder down in Inspiration Hills, Iowa, and I was invited to come spend the day with them and be the guest speaker at the end of the night.

It was indeed an inspiring day, the morning started off by splitting up the 50 young men into two groups, one group shooting a variety of guns from .22 long rifles, pistols, AR-15’s, shotguns and a 500 S&W(largest handgun in the world) while the other group did a paintball challenge course and the leap of faith which involves climbing a 40ft pole and jumping off!


(Below from left to right is Mitch Kjose of Fellowship of Christians Sportsman Plus, myself, Coach Beavers, and one of his assistant coaches, three great leaders of faith I was able to spend the day with)

It was amazing observing the group during the leap of faith, while some of the guys struggled to reach the top, or froze with fear when the did, the leaders would surface from the group, encouraging their team mate to have faith that their “brothers” had him. I got to hear some very interesting comments from one young man frozen with fear at the top, at one point he wanted to just climb down and he stated, “It’s the same thing, whether I jump or climb down, it’s the same thing.”

Yes, the tangible outcome is the same, he did climb to the top, if he jumps, he gets back to the ground, if he climbs down, again, he gets back to the ground. What he didn’t realize at the time was the big picture of making that jump. Believing in himself to face his fears, to build a character to face everything he does like a champion. The picture below is awesome, as a young man is being encouraged by his team mates who are wearing shirts that say “Pr-ACT-ice Like A Champion” Doesn’t that statement speak volumes? We can all practice like a champion and be a champion, but being a true champion involves acting like one.


A humbling day for me with these young men, I will be cheering for Patriot football this season!

Have an awesome week!


1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on your guard; stand firm in your faith; be courageous; be strong

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