Monday Minute “Mental Awareness”

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend went well and you took advantage of the awesome weather! (at least here in SD).

I got to thinking yesterday during a pretty tough workout with my buddy Austin about peoples mental toughness and capabilities. Everyone is at different levels when it comes to this and will determine someones “breaking point” or when they will quit, but have you ever been to that breaking point, and I truly mean your body is done, it is fatigued and can’t go on, but you decide to not listen to your body and choose to move forward? That is mental awareness!

Mental Awareness may seem simple but it’s not! When it comes down to it and you are truly in pain, your body feels like a thousand pounds and you can’t take another step, it’s hard not to let that feeling rule your mind, but at some point in your life if you continue to drive yourself forward towards never living a life lived average and you will experience a breakthrough with mental awareness. It’s awesome when it happens and it will blow your mind what you are capable of achieving!

When I was towards the end of my squat workout last night I had one set of four reps to finish, the weight was stacked on the bar, and I went for it, Down….up. I got one rep done, my body was screaming at me to stop and I barely had the strength to get up on rep one, but had 3 to go. I made the decision I would not quit! Down…up, I got two reps done, again, the body begging me to quit, it’ was decision time again, take the easy route and rack up, or be a champion and go again. Down….up. Again, barely making it up, One rep to finished, body is drained, nothing to give, but my mind was stronger! I was mentally aware that this rep mattered, it mattered more that just “strength” in the weight room, it matters in life! Down………..up. DONE! All because I had the mental awareness, NOT to listen to my body.

Going through your week try to be mentally aware, you may not be pushing yourself to what you truly are capable of!



Philippians 2:13
For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.

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