MONDAY MINUTE “Flighty Motivation”

Happy Monday all!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I got to thinking this week after I was asked “what keeps me motivated” and I realized “motivation” was something I haven’t thought about in quite some time. I believe that is because I am not in the search for motivation. Here’s my example:

It’s normal for any of us to search for things that “motivate” us, a book, a mentor, a movie or seminar, but every time the book is done, or the seminar is over we are motivated for a short period of time. We don’t take action to make changes. That is because motivation is flighty. Motivation is short lived and will never push you to act towards your goals for an extended period of time. In fact it is PASSION that will cause you to take action on your goals.

Find your passion and you will never have to search for flighty motivation again!


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