How Should You Train?–Run2Gun Hunting. Athletics.

How should your train?

Typically a question that can detour you from taking the next step forward with your health and fitness goals.  If you fail to answer this question correctly it could mean failing on your hunt.  But how many ways can there possibly be to train?  The answer to that question is–Unlimited.

Most of us are missing and need to build a solid foundation of muscular strength in order to be more effective in the field.  Strengthening your muscles will support your body throughout your entire hunt.  Strength is your maximal force that a muscle can generate at a specified velocity.  Meaning how much can you lift, carry, push, or withstand as you are moving on your hunt.

This is just one of MANY ways you can prep your body for your next hunt,  If you are truly looking to improve your physical condition, no matter your age, strength training is for you.  The video below will help you determine how you should break down your hunt and decide how you should train.  Watch for our 3rd and 4th videos with Sturm Ruger & Co. as we will be discussing how your should train for strength.

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