BIG South Dakota Archery 8 point!–Moments #6

This was really awesome!! I was sifting through and old hard drive from 2011 and found this “lost footage” from a deer hunt with my dad! This was before Run2GunTV was even a thought. We were building the business structure of the training and physical fitness side of Run2Gun, but not TV.

We scouted hard all summer and had several years of hunting this property, I came home from college on a Thursday night to check trail cameras on Friday morning. I thought I had every deer pegged in the area, but this BIG 8 showed up out of no where! I only had 1 picture of him! We set up the next morning on a Milo field where a couple of these big bucks were still feeding early mornings. It was a chilly, rainy morning and we predicted it right! 2 nice bucks, one being the new 8 point showed up and worked within 20 yards of our blind!

The deer worked to the backside of the blind, so dad had to set the camera down, open the back window of the blind for me to quickly shoot the buck! The shot was farther back, we snuck up on him a few hours later and got another shot on him, he ran and bedded down in a creek only 100 yards from our property line!! We waited until the following morning to go find him and there he was!!

Always awesome finding old footage like this!!!  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great video content!

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