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Going into every week we have our schedules and agendas we must get done, along with the goals we are constantly trying to reach, but are you really doing what is necessary to achieve these goals?  You may be focused and putting in the daily effort, but are you seeing the big picture? You should be picking through your goals with a fine tooth comb, and at the end of the day, you are mentally exhausted.  It’s not always the easiest road, but that’s why you’ve chose it.

True focus does just that, mentally exhausts you.  Your efforts need to be under full control by the mind.  In fitness this means knowing the muscle group you are training and fully contracting(flexing) that muscle.  You must understand the great form will yield GREAT results! It is a learning curve, but the payback is invaluable.

Relating completely back to your shooting practice, doing the little things matter!  If your sight pin, or crosshairs are off a micrometer, you will be off by feet when your shot reaches the target.  The same goes for your training, everything must be in alignment if you want to be at your best when the time of your hunt arrives.  Training, cardio, stretching, nutrition, sleep, EVERYTHING must be in alignment to be YOUR BEST!  The exciting part of all of this, it’s completely achievable for YOU!!

The little things turn out making the biggest difference, whether it’s with your shooting, fitness, personal relationships, work, or your faith.  Committing to true focus builds discipline and will yield YOUR BEST!

Remember: The difference between being mediocre and excellent is usually effort.

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