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How important is agility training within your workout regimen? Well how important is it that you can quickly maneuver through down timber, around rocky slopes and over rapid creek beds to get in position to shoot your sought after trophy? Pretty important right?  If your workout program doesn’t include some sort of agility training, you are missing an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to “in the field” athleticism.

Agility is defined as “The skills and abilities needed to explosively change movement velocities or modes.”  Meaning, that your agility is broken down into several categories that involve your collective “coordinative abilities.”  These include these 7 categories

1. Adaptive Ability-This is your ability to modify an action or motion sequence up an observation or anticipation of a changing condition or situation.  For example:  A football receiver quickly changing direction to be able to chase down a miss thrown pass.

2. Balance-“Static and dynamic equilibrium.” **See flexibility segment.  In short, Static is when you are not in motion, Dynamic is when you are in balance but are moving.

3. Combinatory ability-This is your “Coordination of body movements into a given action.”  Meaning your ability to functionally carry out activities with coordination.

4. Differentiation-“The accurate, economical adjustment of body movements and mechanics.”  How well can you make an adjustment when you are carry out a physical activity?  Jumping over a creek landing, catching yourself, and still missing the two uneven rocks so your don’t sprain your ankles.

5. Orientation-“Spacial and temporal control of body movements.”

6. Reactiveness-“Quick, well-directed response to stimuli.”  How fast can you press your gas pedal when the light turns green?

7. Rhythm-“Observation and implementation of dynamic motion pattern, timing, and variation.”  Have you every watched a huddler warm up?  They have a great display of rhythm as they go through a series of high knee warm ups over the hurdles.

In short, how good is your coordination, acceleration, maximum speed, and multidirectional skills?

Not many people add agility drills to their training, but it is definitely needed if you are a hunter.  Check out this video for a short breakdown of some examples of agility training.

Resources: “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Third Edition. NSCA.” Thomas R. Baechle & Roger W. Earle. (c) 2008.


Run2Gun with Sturm, Ruger & Co. Agility Training from Run2Gun on Vimeo.

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