In each of us lives a hunter. In every hunter, an athlete.


  • Member's Section Access
  • $999per month
  • Access to the member’s section
  • Hundreds of tutorial videos
  • Complete weekly workout programming
  • Train 365 days a year for $9.99/month
  • 12 Week Personal Program
  • $59900
  • 12 Week Training Package
  • Consultation and evaluation via phone/Skype
  • Nutrition plan and adjustments
  • Weekly check‐ins via phone call/skype
  • Free 13 weeks of our member’s section
  • 24/7 trainer access via email
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Special Packages
  • Custom Pricing based on Personal Consultation
  • Training Packages for last minute preparation.
  • Consultation and evaluations available
  • Nutrition plan and adjustments available
  • Weekly check‐ins via phone/Skype/email available
  • Access to our member’s section available
  • 24/7 trainer access available
  • Free T-Shirt


12 Week Personal Program Package Details

12 Week Package
Your workouts periodized into 12 separate weeks of workouts designed for YOU! You will receive each week’s workouts via email.
Consultation and Evaluation via phone/Skype
Together, we will go over your goals, future journey, and what you will do to get there, along with any past and present health problems and what we will do to correct them (if any). 30 minutes
Nutrition plan and adjustments
A single fad diet is made for no one. Our plans focus on nutritional intakes, meaning what you should be eating to be healthy, perform great, and achieve your goals. Your Nutrition plan will be constructed depending on if you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or become stronger. Adjustments to your plan will be made along your 12 weeks if needed.
Weekly check‐ins via phone call/Skype
Get the most out of your experience and pick Jordan’s brain every week with your questions for 10 minutes.
24/7 trainer access via email
Sometimes questions will arise that just can’t wait a week. This perk will allow you to have contact with Jordan EVERYDAY! He will get back to you within 24 hours and answer all your questions.
Free 13 weeks of our member’s section
The member’s section is typically $9.99 per month, but with your purchase of a 12‐week program, you will have 13 weeks access FREE saving you $129.87.
Free T‐shirt
Be proud of the work you put in and show it off in your RUN2GUN t-shirt


Special Package Details

Don’t have 12 weeks?

Don’t Panic‐This package is for when you find yourself in a “panic” weeks before a hunt you know you’re not physically or mentally prepared for. It’s not too late to get in some last minute preparation and we will help you day by day to get you ready in those final valuable days.

Through a personal consultation, Jordan will work with you to create a package to fulfill your goals.


“I strongly recommend working with Run2Gun to prep for your next hunt – they know fitness and they’re passionate about hunting. Let them help you reach your fitness and hunting goals!”
Lori P.

  • Your program is designed JUST for YOU
  • You talk directly to Jordan ‐an educated, experienced professional
  • We hold you accountable, EVERYDAY
  • We are accessible to you 24/7
  • Training/Nutrition realistic to your goals