MONDAY MINUTE “Avoiding The Rut-Part1”

Good Morning all!

Last week we covered routines vs. ruts as well as their similarities. Within that we talked about 3 things you can do to make sure your routine isn’t causing you to slide into a rut. The first one of those three being; “Does your routine challenge you?”

Lets fall into that with a little more detail this morning.

On a daily basis does your routine challenge you? or is your day starting to be pretty mindless? Are you doing your part to step forward and take on tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone and stem growth? You see, often times it may not by our physical routine, but our mental routine that causes ruts in our life. We get in a mental rut of safety and contentment, but physically complain about our surroundings.

The first step in making sure your routine challenges you, is becoming aware if you have physical or mental ruts, maybe you have both. Become aware of these, point them out. Own up to the problem of why you aren’t challenged daily and make a change.

Corny segment coming your way… It is your life, we can’t expect to do the same thing for 50 years and accomplish want we want. Would you even call that living?

Have a great week!


Proverbs 21:21
Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds live, prosperity and honor.

MONDAY MINUTE “Routine Or Rut?”

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all taking this Monday morning to get started on your week in a positive manner. Get started on your routines early in the week!

Routines are great to keep us accountable was well as productive, but that doesn’t mean that same routine isn’t putting us or keeping us in a rut. Simply stated, some routines aren’t helping us grow. So here are a few things to make sure your routine has, so you won’t get in a rut!

1. Does your routine challenge you? This one is key for me, I’ve learned over the years that if i’m not continually challenged, I get content with what I’m doing and fall into a rut. Find things daily that challenge your thinking, challenge you physically, and challenge you to grow.

2. Does your routine involve giving? If you aren’t doing things daily that involve you “giving.” you will fall into a rut. Giving forces you, individually, to grow. There are endless ways to give, and it isn’t always money. One of the BEST ways to give, is to give your time.

3. Does your routine involve dreaming? Yes, do you actually take time each and everyday day thinking about you dreams? If you don’t, WHY? If they are your dreams, they are obviously important to you. Take time everyday to dream! Plan backwards from there on how you can work on tasks daily to achieve them!

Often times we feel safe within our routines, feeling safe doesn’t mean we are happy. Safe routines lead to endless ruts that suck the life out of us. This week, think about the 3 points above!


Jordan Miller

Danielle 6:10
And Daniel prayed three times a day, and not even the threat of death made him change his routine.


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Stretching, there is a time and place for specific stretching. Here is part 3 of our Dynamic Warm-Up series, featuring additional movements that will be simple for you to add to your pre-workout routine. This will help you properly warm up before exercise.

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10 Minute Row Challenge

I’m not much of a rower, as I would rather do running sprints, but my hunting/gym buddy Tom went and did 2702m in 10 min flat. Challenge excepted! Enjoy!

MONDAY MINUTE “What It Really Meant”

Good morning everyone!

I am happy to be writing a new series of Monday Minutes after taking off a couple of weeks to refocus.

I have been able to do some thinking over the past several weeks because of some peaceful travel. Last week my Grandfather passed away at the age of 91! He lived a pretty awesome life and was a very influential part of why Run2Gun was created! I grew up seeing my Grandfather, great uncles and father hunt, I was able to hear their stories and feel their passion for the outdoors. Seeing my hunting mentors age and stop doing some of the hunts I dreamed about was painful to me, I wanted to help people prolong their outdoor journey’s, so a long came Run2Gun. Now it feels as though we do so much more than that, which gets me thinking about what little happenings in our life really mean.

When I was in early high school I was working for my dad during the summer on our local Sportsman club for shooting sports. We were building an addition that would be one of the nicest in the state! One day in the middle of summer we were working in the hot sun, fitting some boards where the original building would meet the new addition. I was helping my grandfather down in the dug out portion of the new building. In order to save time I thought I would jump out of the hole to go cut the boards for Grandpa, who was in his early 80’s at the time. He would measure, I would cut, bam, we would get this done in no time!

This particular board was an angled cut that would meet in the corner of the building, I went and cut it and brought it back, pretty proud of myself because it fit pretty nicely. My grandfather told me I needed to take it back and cut off about 1/16 of an inch. I was a little confused because 1/16th of an inch? really? thats almost perfect! I went back and cut it anyway, took it back to my grandfather, this time to realize the board wasn’t even close to fitting. I insisted I would get it right the third time and went and cut an entirely new board. Again, the board fell short of grandpa’s standards, this time instead of sending me back to cut the board, he gave me $10 to get ice cream for the both of us. When I returned he had a PERFECTLY installed board done and finished.

Moral of the story, at the time, I didn’t see what my Grandfather was doing, I wanted to get the job done, and do it good. He was going to do it PERFECT, no matter what. He was setting a standard for himself and for me, showing me to not settle for less than what you deserve and others deserve. “Nothing Less Than Perfect” was what it really meant. I see that now, and I can see my Grandfathers work in my own father, in myself and in my brother. All because of the standards he set and his father before him.

Have a great week everyone! settle for nothing less than perfect!


Jordan Miller

Psalms 18:30
God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is the shield for all who look to him for protection

Picture above is my sister and I with my Grandfather in his wheat fields in central, SD. Early 1990’s


Stretching, there is a time and place for specific stretching. Here is part 2 of our Dynamic Warm-Up series, featuring mini bands. This will help you properly warm up before exercise. Enjoy!!

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Stretching, there is a time and place for specific stretching. Here is part1 of our Dynamic Warm-Up series to help you properly warm up before exercise.

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Monday Minute “I’m A Somebody”

Good Morning All!

Something interesting for you to think about this week. We are in a world that is filled with celebrity status people and athletes, sometime people we really look up to. We really think they are “somebody.” Meaning we believe they have made it.

It’s pretty cool that there are so many areas for motivation and inspiration, but don’t forget, you are just as important. Just because you may not be reaching as many people on your current platform, doesn’t mean you aren’t helping people.

I am reminded this week after a few stories in my life that “I’m a somebody.” That I have got to help people, motivate people, inspire people, even save people. I don’t always feel like somebody, heck when you have a competitive mindset it’s easy to feel like a nobody, but I know that I am a somebody.

I am here to remind you that you are a somebody as well. Whatever your platform is, whatever the size, if you are here on earth to help one person, and that is your calling, don’t miss it.

Have an awesome week!


Jordan Miller

Ephesians 4:1-3
Therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in the manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirt in bond of peace.

Monday Minute “Job Descriptions”

Good morning everyone!

Do you have that someone that when you talk to you almost always learn things from? I’m lucky, I have several of those, and a few are my clients! Sometimes when we are talking with people, we just need to be silent and listen!

Last week I was training a lady that has been training with me for about 4 years, we have become great friends, she has gone through 10x as many experiences in life, so I learn a lot from her. I occasionally like to think i teach her something :). She was talking about her work and how long of a day it had been, but “it was worth it,” she said. She drives transit for Sioux Falls and has the opportunity to impact a lot of people everyday. That impact can be positive or negative, it’s her choice.

She chooses to have a positive impact on her people. That day she dropped off a wheel chair rider in the rain. The man in the wheel chair started down the sidewalk. She walked him down and quickly pulled up his hood and buttoned up his coat tight. That man in the wheel chair was stunned and grateful.

You see it’s the little things like this that sets her apart, it’s little things like that, that aren’t in her job description, but look at the impact. Little things like this may not be in our job description at work, but they are in our job description in life.

Have an awesome week!


Jordan Miller

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

Monday Minute “Born To Be Challenged”

Good morning everyone!

a couple weeks ago I was down in New Mexico for a week filming a hunt, our last hunt of season3. We were hunting in some big desert country, the weather was pretty cold and the wind didn’t want to stop blowing. It was a challenging hunt.

In the evenings we would head back to our base camp that was tucked down in a canyon. One night I stepped out my warm sleeping back into the cold night air. I stood out and just stared at the sky. There was no moon and not a cloud in the sky. The stars were extremely vibrant!

Many thoughts went through my head as I stood there for only a few minutes, The wind funneling through the canyon against the cactus and yucca plants was the only thing to hear. I reflected back on another year, how challenging it has been, and how quitting likes to sneak into my mind as an option. That’s when I realized it is challenge itself that has kept me motivated to continue. It is challenge I have been searching for.


(My friend Matt and his ram on the left, and my ram on the right)

Challenge was the vary reason we were on this hunt, we were there because it wasn’t going to be easy. We were born to be challenged in life, I have figured that out, once you do, you will become addicted to it. Nothing good in life comes easy easy, nothing. We must learn to embrace challenge for what it is, and use it to our advantage to grow.

Have a great week everyone!



1 Peter 5:10
And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.