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Monday Minute-“Train To Be A Champion”

Good morning everyone! There is a term my friend Austin and I use quite often during our training sessions that motivates us, it's "Train to be a champion" This past week during a tough workout I thought to myself, "Train like a champion." and it instantly made me stop and starting thinking. Training "like a [...]

Monday Minute-“Everything To Lose”

Good morning all! This week I want to quickly talk about our mind sets. here is my example: For the past couple of years I have set a mantra for myself, last year it was "Enjoy the process, love the journey." It initially was to help get me through the filming season of the show, [...]

Monday Minute-“Monotony”

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! I was in the gym last week working out when I had a good friend of mine approach me, you could tell he wasn't his normal self that day. We chatted for a bit and he started to get to the bottom of why he was feeling down. He told me [...]

Run2GunTV Season2: Grace, Grit & Greatness

Run2GunTV Season2 just wrapped up on Midcontinent Sports Network and is now available in entirety on But before an entire 13 episode season could happen, a lot had to happen, to make it happen... A YEAR IN REVIEW 4 Emmy nominations closed season one back in May of 2014, after not taking home any [...]

Introducing “Run2GunTV” Outdoor Television Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For further information contact: Jordan Miller – Owner/Operator (605) 220‐2659   Run2Gun-Customized Athletic Training for Hunters & OutdoorsmenAnnounces Outdoor Television Series “Run2GunTV” Sioux Falls, SD (Dec 23, 2013)- Athlete and hunter meet in a new television show produced in South Dakota called Run2Gun TV.  With its unique approach to outdoor television, [...]

Hunting Down a Dream Part2-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Foster Bartholow is what you call a man of many talents.  His love for the outdoors has taken him down many avenues from photography, filming, editing, wake boarding and snow boarding.  He is also a devout water fowler.  One of Fosters' biggest accomplishments was winning a world trap shooting title back in 2008, shooting 900 [...]

4 Ways to Train for Your Next Hunt-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Training for EACH and EVERY hunt, no matter the level of difficulty, is the way you need to approach you hunting seasons.  This approach will keep you from falling off the "cliff" post hunt.  Once you have finished your hunt, your training needs to carry on and adjust to your NEXT hunt. Our hunting season kicked off in [...]

Flexibility Training With Sturm, Ruger & Co.-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics.

Stretching can and WILL increase your athleticism!  The thing is, there are more ways to stretch than just your "touch your tows for a count of 10" stretch.  In fact that are a number of ways to stretch including, static, dynamic, and ballistic to name a few.  Each serve a purpose at specific times before [...]

The Importance of Dreams-Run2Gun-Hunting. Athletics

Your dreams will be your driving force of commitment, sacrifice, and straight hard work!  The journey to make your dreams a reality are much like the flight of an arrow, it has its waves, and spins out of control, but if you stay committed to your dream, the flight will end in a bullseye.  Check [...]