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Run2Gun’s main focus is preparing hunters and outdoorsmen for upcoming hunts and outdoor adventures, but often the health and fitness we promote goes well beyond the outdoors.  Our Dreams often lie in the form of a Boone  and Crockett Mule Deer or Elk in the high country, or making the trek to some of the countries highest summits. Derek Harberts was found hunting down his dream elsewhere.

July 27, 2013 was a goal date for Harberts as he was prepping his body to reach an outstanding 4% body fat to step on stage at the Mr. and Ms. Sioux Empire Natural Body Building Competition.  Harberts, who has been a avid weight lifter for many years finally wanted to put his body and mind to the test.  14 weeks prior to competition Harberts came to me wanting a nutrition plan that would take him to the stage at a chance to win his first Men’s physique title.  For those of you unfamiliar with men’s physique, it is a division of body building that is judged on not looking overly muscular, natural athletic build, and the competitors wearing board shorts.


A 13 week dedication to planned nutrition and workouts took Harberts to the stage where he claimed a win in his height class, as well as taking a PRO CARD for an overall win for the division, making him a professional at his own right.  Topping off the night Harberts also took home a coveted “Best Abs” award for the entire show.

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Harberts said, “Prior to my 13 weeks of show prep, I thought I had training and nutrition figured out. Wow, was I wrong. I learned SO much through my experience and could not have done it without Jordan. Was it always easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I know for a fact that I became physically and mentally stronger through all of this. Jordan helped me learn so much about myself and also how to manage my macronutrients for my nutrition and training regimen. Amazing things can happen when you stay the course, and work hard EVERY day. Not only is Jordan a great friend, he is an amazing trainer with a true passion for helping his clients succeed. This is only the beginning of a journey for me and I am excited for what my future in the fitness industry holds.”

We are all hunting down a dream, whether your dream is an upcoming hunt in the Rockies, losing 50 pounds to be able to get back your favorite tree stand spot, or stepping on stage as a competitor, hunting down your dream should never be thrown in the back seat.  Those who fail to dream, fail to live.

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