In each of us lives a hunter. In every hunter, an athlete.



The Concept

Run2Gun, LLC provides premier hunting athletic preparation. Through strength, endurance, and mobility we build a training regimen specifically to strengthen your weaknesses and prevent injury.


The Program

It starts with knowing you need to bring YOUR best to the field. So set your sights on your goal. Gaining power, endurance and energy prepares you for the hunt. Because you’re not just a hunter, you’re an athlete, and this isn’t just hunting, it’s a way of life.


The Packages

Our training programs are tailored to your specific needs and goals complete with consultations, evaluations and weekly check-ins to keep you on track.

Recent News

  • Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/22/17

Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/22/17

  • February 23rd, 2017

Hey everyone!! Who doesn’t love a GREAT chest workout?!?  Well we have one for you!


Warm Up (see here)

-Flat DB chest press-5 sets of 3 reps -2 sets of […]

  • Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/15/17

Run2Gun Weekly Workout 2/15/17

  • February 15th, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week’s workout took place at the GreatLIFE at the Dakota Wesleyan campus!  We filmed it this fall during season4 of Run2GunTV!  It’s a solid full body workout […]

“Run2Gun provided me with a workout and nutrition plan that I could follow at home and on the road, and before I knew it I had slimmed down, my endurance had improved, and my strength had increased. Because of Run2Gun, those gators didn’t stand a chance and I have positive memories that will last a lifetime.”
Lori P.